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Antropologija VDU / Anthropology Lithuania

Tyrimų kryptys:

  • Globalizacija ir identiteto procesai: regioniškumo, etniškumo ir nacionalumo konfigūracijos posocializme;
  • Transnacionalizmas, kosmopolitizmas bei lokalus ir globalus kultūriškumas;
  • Socialinė, kultūros ir identiteto politika nacionaliniuose ir transnacionaliniuose (migraciniuose) kontekstuose;
  • Sociokultūrinės antropologijos plėtros problemos ir perspektyvos Centrinėje ir Rytų Europoje.

AC news:


Mieli kolegos ir studentai,


Gruodžio 30 d. viešėdamas Vilniuje mirė Prof. Christian Giordano. Dalinkimės šviesiu didžiadvasio žmogaus, puikaus pedagogo ir mokslininko atminimu.

Laidotuvės įvyks sausio 9 d. Jomis pasirūpino dr.  Alina Žvinklienė.  



Atsisveikinimo su velioniu ceremonijos eiga prisegama.



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September 13 this year Ethnologists and anthropologists at the Lithuanian Institute of History, together with the editor of the magazine Lietuvos etnologija, organized a lecture by Professor Martine Segalen from the University of Paris, Ethnologie française, “From Rural Relationship to Debate on Alternative Maternity. The Road to Research in the Last Ten Decades "and the issue of the magazine" French Ethnology "for Lithuania" Lithuania. Anthropology takes a look at the history (Lithuanianie Une anthropologie face à l'Histoire, 2018 No. 2).

The lecture gave an overview of the various anthropologists' debates over family and kinship change over a period of more than fifty years from the point of view of a European ethnologist-anthropologist. In the 1990s and 1990s, a particularly lively area of ​​family reproductive research in rural societies, influenced by Jack Goody's comparative kinship studies, subsequently narrowed due to David Schneider's contemporary approach to kinship.

The profound transformations of European societies, especially the extension of human age and the weakening of social solidarity, have opened up a new area of ​​comparative research, including former socialist countries.

In the context of the consequences of new reproductive technologies and the problems of bioethics, issues of affinity and origin that are important to the discipline of ethnology and anthropology are now in the form of a sharp debate. Discussion is about the legitimacy of surrogate motherhood, the inherent right of the child to grow up and the modernization of the commercialization of the body (which could be described as modern cannibalism). The scientist emphasized the lack of attention of politicians to the findings of anthropological research on these issues. Vilnius and Kaunas scientists and students from various institutions were interested in the lecture.




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May 7-8 Thomas Hylland Eriksen, one of the most famous anthropologists in the world, visited and invited a lecture-seminar at the invitation of the Social Anthropology Center in Kaunas. You can read the interview with Professor Paulius Gritėnas at  here













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We invite you to participate in the traditional seminar of the Social Center of Social Anthropology "The Case of Contemporary India" Report Reading Assoc. Prof. KB Usha - Jawaharlar Nehru University, Delhi, India. The seminar will take place in 2018. May 16 (Wednesday) 16.30, Jonavos str. 66-208 auditorium. You can read more about the seminar here .

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-More information:  Eriksen lecture

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We invite you to participate in the traditional seminar of the VMU Center of Social Anthropology " Networks of Resilience: Legal Precision and Transborder Citizenship of the Karen from Myanmar in Thailand" .  The seminar report will consider the relationship between insecure legal status and cross-border citizenship in the case of the Karen ethnic minority from Burma / Myanmar (Burma). Anthropologist  Indre Balčaitė (Vytautas Magnus University Center for Asian Studies) will present the report. The seminar will take place in  2018. April 12 (Thursday) at 3:30 pm Gedimino g. Audience 44-103. You can read more about the seminar here .  

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Professor Vytis Čiubrinskas, head of VMU Center for Social Anthropology, delivered a presentation this winter at an annual conference of the American Anthropological Association. This conference is one of the most important events in the world of anthropology, bringing together thousands of professionals in its field. The professor shared his impressions of the conference and thoughts about anthropology in the US and Lithuania.

Professor, at the beginning of December you attended an annual conference of the American Anthropologist Association in Washington, could you briefly tell us what this event is?

This is a huge event. Each year, 5000 to 8,000 anthropologists from different fields take part in the conference. This year, the 116th conference was held with over 600 thematic sessions. Just a huge hive of bees, even hard to tell… Participate in it is a great honor, because it is this conference that dictates fashion to the world of anthropology. The things that are read here go to the best publications.

What's the biggest impression from the conference?

It is hard to say, but perhaps most of its scale. Nothing can be traced or found. Another thing you could have met with the most famous anthropologists of today is students studying here in Lithuania and around the world. This conference made him feel like a young student who wanted to know everything. However, the most important thing, in my opinion, is that such conferences allow you to meet and share your thoughts with colleagues who are often lacking in Lithuania because of the small circle of anthropologists. Good for them there in America, when they have a lot of opportunities to collaborate, anthropology is a great discipline with a huge community.

You also read the message at the conference. What topic?

I read a report on the situation of the people of Vilnius, as they are politically exposed by two countries: Poland, a political program such as the Lenko card, and presented in Lithuania as bent Lithuanians. Meaning, in no case are they themselves, having their own regional or local identity. The report was prepared in 2014 on the basis of a study carried out with colleagues. We tried to understand how these people are politically exposed from the outside and how they see themselves.

You can find the full interview with the professor  here

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2018 In the spring semester of the spring semester three intensive study subjects of visiting teachers will be taught in the social anthropology study program. We kindly invite students to register and study the subjects provided in spring:

  • "Peoples and Cultures of Africa", Dr. John C. McCall ( Department of Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, USA). This course will study the interdisciplinary aspect of Uzbek society in African countries. The course will briefly review African geography, anti-colonial and colonial period. The remainder of the course material is dedicated to contemporary Africa, its social organization, religion, music, arts, literature, popular culture, politics, economics and development. The course will take place in 2018. February 5 - March 28 (distance course).
  • "Anthropology of South Asia", Dr. Robert Parkin (University of Oxford, UK). This course will study the anthropology of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka and other countries in the region). The course will discuss caste ethnography and theories, Indian religions, kinship and gender, politics, nationalism and ethnicity in the region, political economy and migration. The course will take place in 2018. February 28 - March 10
  • "Anthropology of  Mediterranean Region ". Christian Giordano (Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Friborg, Switzerland). The course will take place from 5 April to 14 April 2018.

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6–7 October - International conference-seminar “Fragmentation of Globalization: Political Dependence, Culture and Human Rights” at the Baltic Doctoral School. The conference was attended by world-renowned anthropologists from the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden and Hungary and will be presented by doctoral students from Tallinn, Latvia, Stradin (Riga), Vilnius and Vytautas Magnus Universities and Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology in Germany. The conference program is available here.


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We invite you to participate in the Baltic Anthropology Graduate School International Conference in 2017. October 6-7, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas. Requests to participate in the conference will be accepted until 2017 July 31, More information here.

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We invite everyone to apply and attend the Summer School of Anthropology in Latvia (23-27 August). Summer School theme - Designing Peace: Anthropological Perspectives. Poster . More .

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We invite everyone to participate in the traditional seminar of VMU Social Anthropology Center " China Today: Uniform and / or Open, Assimilation and / or Multicultural ". Anthropologist, Professor Vytis Čiubrinskas, Head of Social Anthropology Center, Vytautas Magnus University, will present the report. The seminar will take place on May 9th. 5 pm Donelaičio g. 52-211 in the auditorium of M. Gimbutiene. You can read more about the seminar here

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We invite you to participate in the traditional seminar of the VMU Center for Social Anthropology " The Political Cultures of Informality: Personalized Relations, Networks and Coalitions ". The report will be delivered by  Christian Giordano , an anthropologist at the Institute of Social Anthropology, Friburg University, Switzerland  . The seminar will take place on April 3rd. 5 pm Donelaičio g. 52-211 in the auditorium of M. Gimbutiene. In the report, the author will consider the concept of informalism, which often causes disorder and disorder in society, from an anthropological perspective. Informalism and its social practices are often associated with non-communist, up-to-date societies that are unable to organize formal structural models. In this way, there is a divide between Western societies and the so-called societies of the developing Mediterranean and Balkan countries. The author will discuss how non-formal political cultures are socially organized through mutual relationships, networks and personal trust unions. You can read more about the seminar here

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We invite students to go to Summer School of Social Anthropology Methods on Island Mujera Island, Mexico. All information about courses, prices, credits, etc. you can find out more here.

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We invite you to participate in the  traditional seminar of the VMU Center of Social Anthropology  Positive Politics: Feelings, Memory and Power of the State ”. Anthropologist, Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Miami, will deliver a presentation at the seminar  . Neringa Klumbytė . The seminar will take place on 7 March. 5 pm Donelaičio g. 52 - 211 in the auditorium of M. Gimbutiene (2nd floor). The suffering was often perceived as being beyond the bounds of culture and politics, co-human, authentic, unquestionable. In the context of the anthropology of suffering and feelings, the author will raise the question of suffering as a political phenomenon - how can we understand the connection between suffering and power by analyzing the discourse of suffering, popular in Lithuanian history of post-war and in the current public space? You can read more about the seminar here

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We invite you to participate in the traditional seminar of the Social Anthropology  Center of VMU Added value of social anthropology. Case of Business Anthropology ”. Anthropologist, organizational management consultant - Saulius Matulevičius will present the report at the seminar . The seminar will take place on 27 February. 5 pm Donelaičio g. 52 404 auditorium (4th floor). This seminar will raise several questions - what is the mission of anthropology science and anthropological "knowledge", what is the potential of practical application of social anthropology, what is this science unique in a changing world? During the seminar, Saulius Matulevičius, presenting the case of application of social anthropology in business management consulting, will talk about the practical application of anthropological competences. You can read more about the seminar here.

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We are happy to announce another news! Recently, Dr. Anthropologist Dr. Ieva Kripiene's interview for television. Link:

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We are happy to share the news that Master of Social Anthropology graduate graduate Eglė 's Master ' s Degree  in Depressive Metal: Cultural Expression and Social Organization  was published as a book. More information:


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Registration for the conference "Why the World Needs Anthropologists? Humanize IT!", November 4-5, Tartu, Estonia!


More information can be found on Facebook:



































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VMU Social Anthropology Studies 

The MSc in Social Anthropology invites you to study all those who want to know and understand different cultures and societies, to learn how to recognize codes of behavior of social groups and cultures. The program is taught by professors from Lithuanian and foreign (US, Swiss, United Kingdom) universities, and by Lithuanian and foreign students. Duration of studies - 2 years.

During the studies, students are given the opportunity to obtain a Certificate of Intercultural Understanding (Southern Illinois University Certificate). Students enrolled in the 3-year module taught at the University of South Illinois at the University of South Illinois and other visiting professors will receive a certificate from this university, accompanied by a VMU diploma.

We are urging to announce that those interested and willing to apply for a Master in Social Anthropology must do so by June 27th. More information: tel. 86 86 16 233 or email by mail,


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On 14-24 March, Professor John C. McCall from the University of South Illinois in the United States, lectured at Vytautas Magnus University and lectured on Social Anthropology students . During the year of the lecture cycle, students had an opportunity to get to know the arts of the countries of West and Central Africa: music, dance, cinema, and other popular culture. Students were given the opportunity to get acquainted with how different branches of art convey historical representations, cultural criticism and political resistance. 











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We invite students to register for the sessions " Anthropological Solutions: Problem Based Approach " organized by VMU, Tallinn, Riga and Latvian Universities . Activities will take place on December 11-12 in Tallinn. More information can be found  here


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Graduates of all Bachelor's programs in Social Sciences and Humanities are invited to study in the Master 's program in Social Anthropology . More information can be found  here. 


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We invite you to join the Baltic Summer School of Anthropology, organized by our colleagues, on "Applied Anthropology". Hurry up to check in and miss out on the opportunity to participate. You can find the  invitation and more information here .


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A Few Moments From The  Vilnius Book Fair 2015, which featured a new  book by Gediminas Lankauskas, The Land of Weddings and Rain  V. Čiubrinskas, V. de Munck, R. Račiūnaitė-Paužuolienė, K. Šliavaitė (VMU) took part. Read here.

"The Land of Weddings and Rain in the Post-Socialist Lithuania". Wedding and Rain, Lithuania, is the space and time that we own and belong to. Here, our history and present, the traditions and the modernity emerge, revolving the eternal circle of life. Here are the weddings, an oak crown hanging on the neck, a wish for the money and life on the trip! .. Here is the national identity, memory, the contemporary consumerism, the signs of East and West in post-socialist Lithuania. Gediminas Lankauskas , a professor at the Department of Anthropology at Regina University (Canada), has  looked closely at this direction in  his book The Land of Weddings and Rain: Nation and Modernity in Post-Socialist Lithuania. 

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International Conference 


VMU Center of Social Anthropology, together with Institute of Sociology of Lithuanian Social Research Center and Lithuanian Institute of History, 2014 November 15, Saturday, invites you to an international conference: "Transnationalism and the Fragmentation of Identity", which takes place during the project: "Impact of globalization (transnationalism) on the fragmentation of national and national identity". The project is supported by the Lithuanian Science Council.

The International Conference will be held at the Institute of Lithuanian History, Vilnius, Kražiai str. 5.

For more information on the conference and its program, see the  attachment .


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The paper probes the relationship between legal precarity and transborder citizenship in the case of the Karen from Myanmar (Burma) in Thailand.