Erasmus feedback

"Study in the department of anthropology of VMU was a very good experience! The main reasons were that studies level is very good and teachers are great! Secondly professors are really attentive to foreign students and they are interessed by our approach. Therefore you become actor of your formation because you should defend your opinion! It's a very good exercice! And everyone learnt a lot of from others."

Alice (France)


„It was perfect experience to study as Erasmus student at Vytautas Magnus University, and not only life but mainly study experience. I had a great possibility to improve my already got knowledge in there. I improved English, I learnt local language too, and I studied subject which I liked. Moreover I could consult my subjects of study with people from different country with different point of view on it and from that reason to be enriched. This experience was also intensified by fact that many other foreign teachers came to the university during a study period to have their own lectures. The new people then could bring new contacts and new possibilities into the future.”

Rostislav (Czech Republic)