Dievaitis Povilas - The everyday practices of traders at the Kaunas car market: A balance between the formal and informal rules of behavior (Doc. dr. Jolanta Kuznecovienė)

Jurčiūtė-Balevičienė Eglė - Depressive Metal (Sub)Culture: Cultural Expression and the Principles of Social Organization in the Context of Globalization (Dr. Kristina Šliavaitė)

Leonavičiūtė AdelinaThe Economic Establishment of Lithuania’s Third Immigration Wave (Since 1990) to the USA (Doc. dr. Jolanta Kuznecovienė)

Lukauskaitė Aušra - Tartars in Lithuania: the 21st Century Challenges to Muslim Identity Construction (Prof. dr. Vytis Čubrinskas)

Reinikis JuliusAspiration of Well-being while Participating in Communities: Lithuanians in London Case (Prof. dr. Vytis Čubrinskas)

Sonda Mindaugas - The Situation of Roma Women in Shutka (Macedonia) Labour Market: an Anthropological Case Study (Dr. Kristina Šliavaitė)

Stravinskaitė DominykaConstructing “the Other” and Multiculturalism: the Case of “English Defence League” (Dr. Darius Daukšas)

Zakarevičiūtė Ieva - Imaging Woman in the Streets of Cairo. Analyses of Cairo Graffiti (Prof. dr. Vytis Čubrinskas)