Current projects

The Impact of Globalization and Transnationalism on the Fragmentation of State and National Identity


This research project is funded by the Lithuanian Science Council.

The research project aims to investigate and evaluate the impact of globalization processes on national identities of Lithuanian citizens or persons of Lithuanian origin born 1980 - 1990. The qualitative survey will be carried out in two global cities (Chicago and London), three local towns in Lithuania (Visaginas, Klaipėda and Šalčininkai) and one in Poland (Punskas) and  will focus on investigating globalization challenges that might hypothetically lead to homogenization and fragmentation of national identifiation of the younger persons. Theoretically and empirically this comparative study explores the ways in which national identities of the youth are shaped by global and local contexts. The project contributes to the development of general theoretical concepts of national identity and evaluates forms of expression and challenges to national identities in the contemporary world. This research approach along with a selection of target groups, is innovative as it offers original insights as to how national identification of young individuals is formed, shaped or changed by state and city (town) socio-economic context. As the ethnic and territorial closure that characterized nation-states is fading, the outcome of the project is a more in-depth understanding of contemporary processes of globalization, territorial mobility and diversification of national identities.